Confident Evangelism: Roman Catholicism

Here is Week 6: A Confident Answer to Roman Catholicism.

The issue between the Reformation and Roman Catholicism is deeply complex, and easily overwhelming. Many Protestants and Romanists choose to wave away the differences between us as if we’re the same (we’re not), some choose to treat the other as an intractable enemy; but here in the lonely middle, some of us have a desire to find understanding, have evangelistic conversation, and to see them come to a saving knowledge of Christ in His true gospel. What’s your strategy for talking to the Romanist?

In this lesson, I did everything I could to make it simple, but not simplistic. I need your comments and feedback, not only on this one but also on the five previous lessons.

Here’s the workbook I wrote.

Week 1 is here. Week 2 is here. Week 3 is here. Week 4 is here. Week 5 is here.

Here’s our session on Romanism/Roman Catholicism. Enjoy!

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