How ‘Woke Theology’ is Weakening the Black Church

I know reblogging is a little lazy, but this is the second article this week written by a black Christian that challenges the dividing lines of the current social justice narrative.

I’ve been told I must give way to allowing people of color to speak and represent their own views. Well, here you go. Darrell Harrison grew up in the Black Church in Atlanta, and is no stranger to the issues surrounding black Americans and Christians. His post is full of historical references, and his analysis is razor sharp. I had the privilege of interviewing him for the podcast last night, and will publish as soon as I can. Thanks to brother Darrell for his bold stance for the gospel in all churches of the Lord Jesus Christ; for the one gospel given to the Church.

Just Thinking...for Myself

There is a movement afoot, particularly within black evangelical circles, to extol, if not exalt, social justice as the raison d’etre, that is, the most important reason and purpose, of the church today.

I say ‘particularly’ because the aforementioned movement is not restricted only to the realm of black evangelicalism. The truth is there are also certain elements within white evangelicalism which, being motivated to a large extent by a collective acquiescence to the idea of “white guilt“, have attached themselves to this movement like a caboose to a locomotive.

The problem with movements, however, is they invariably beget labels (e.g. “social gospel”, “liberation theology”, etc.). And labels tend to subtly, yet ultimately, reorient our focus from that which is of utmost importance, namely, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, in favor of adopting a socio-cultural “gospel” constructed from a worldview espoused by “woke” theologians…

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Some questions I’m asking while off to my white evangelical church

Here’s a tremendous blog post featuring a set of insightful, paradigm-busting questions from a black sister in Christ who belongs to a mostly-white local church. These are the types of questions that invite everyone’s sincere engagement, as opposed to the many questions out there which begin by pathologizing “whiteness,” excluding sincere white Christians from responding and being heard fairly. Thanks, Lisa.


Yes, you heard that right, my white church. Why not just the church? In fact, I bet the title alone will set up some keen anticipation for me to address   everything that’s wrong with the white church and how it’s whiteness is harming people of color, how silent the white church is on issues of social justice and generally are wielding it’s power of white supremacy against the health of the church. Sure, there will be some that will roll their eyes, shake their heads and wonder why people keep being divisive with race labels and such. But I’ll get to you later.

Because of this anticipation and it’s increasing prominence in our present day discourse, I’m provoked to ask some questions. They are not easy questions nor are they questions meant to be dismissive. They are questions that have been bubbling up for some time as I observe…

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