On Men, Shame, and Brotherhood

Alastair here delivers a paper worthy of presentation at any academic conference on earth, but he is not speaking of academic interest in the issues of sex and sociology, but rather the life and death struggle in which the West finds itself, with unlikely prophets like Jordan Peterson as the voices crying in the wilderness. An intense, long read worth your time if you care about men.

Alastair's Adversaria

A couple of days ago someone drew my attention to a Twitter thread by Dr Anthony Bradley that has been receiving a lot of attention. Within the thread Bradley seeks to explain the appeal of Jordan Peterson to young guys to people who don’t know Peterson, or who don’t understand why he so resonates. The following are some thoughts springing out of Bradley’s thoughtful thread, which you really ought to read before reading the rest of this post.

At the heart of Bradley’s argument is the claim that men are struggling with…

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