Why I’m Through Dealing with SJWs (for the most part)

First, read John MacArthur’s latest piledriver of the SJW (Social Justice Warrior) antigospel here, then read and sign the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel.

A brief thread from my Twitter feed last night:

You know what? Focusing on the racially-obsessed sect of American evangelicalism is starting to smell like a real satanic strategy to me. People like Kyle James Howard are drawing far too much of our attention and energy, when there are 1,001 more urgent uses of our resources.

For a while I’ve poured a lot of my energy into interacting with, deriding, rebuking, admonishing, and refuting the SJW sect within American evangelicalism. Why? They’re dead-set in their doctrines of privilege & power differentials. They are apostatizing from the faith once for all delivered to the saints, and shifting the focus of Christianity to a theology of glory. In this iteration, the glory goal isn’t so much personal life fulfillment & self actualization as it is a forceful equalizing of outcomes.


Evangelical SJWs are theologians of glory. They’re not prosperity hucksters for money, but they are equality hucksters. The equality they preach is not a type that Christ promised we could create, or even should create. But it’s all a very emotionally-charged sleight of hand. We all know there is a type of equality that the gospel creates: all equally forgiven & justified. All accepted & adopted, regardless of background or whatever else. Our life in the church should reflect that.


Church should be about reflecting the equality of how we are loved by Jesus.

Yet being a part of the church’s life cannot make true forms of inequality or hierarchy that are baked into human society suddenly not exist or impact our relationships.

For instance, the thousands of years of isolated cultures in the different continents have now been broken down by modern technology and transportation. Now can the descendants of Africans & Aztecs, Portuguese & Polynesian suddenly relate to one another as radically similar?


Africans & Europeans arrived in the Americas from radically different backgrounds, on radically different footing, & have had radically different experiences these 500 years. That means we don’t think the same, in general, about many things.


Africans have been shaped by group suffering & persecution. That has given rise to a lot of very poor theology. Reading the Bible through the primary lens of *how God relieves suffering* is just as warping as reading through *how God makes my life better & more comfy*


Europeans in the old and new worlds have read the Bible through the lens of *our civilization is doing pretty great so we must be naturally His favorites* — lots of very poor theology stemming from that presupposition too.


But just because this ethnic group or that one have cultural baggage that skews how we A) read the Bible & B) relate to one another in this new multicultural world, DOESN’T MEAN NO ONE IS READING THE BIBLE IN A MORE EXACT & FAITHFUL MANNER.


J.G. Machen was interpreting the diversification of American culture through the old colonialist lens–“we’re supposed to remain in our separate cultural spheres even in religious life b/c we’re so different in every other way”–but to assert he also had erroneous theology in any or every critical part of his systematic beliefs is to make a bald logical fallacy into a battering ram, as we saw on Twitter this past week. For me MLKJr is the same — horrible personal life & heretical beliefs, but I can still appreciate what he got right.


But the SJW evangelical can’t do this. For them, if someone in a dominant social or ethnic group has sinned or erred pertaining to the suffering & experiences of those in weaker groups, then their entire life’s work is trashed. This is the end of Church history, duh.


We can always find the blind spots, or just the poor tastes (in some cases) of the men of the past, & hold them up as the disqualifying dealbreakers that excuse us from paying them mind. The SJWs, in doing this, will erase Church history & begin all over with themselves.


Even though they have several times mistaken me for a racist because I reject their interpretation of history, ethnicity, & the nature of the imperative in the Church, I have to really decrease how much I’m paying attention to their output.
It’s just too much distraction.


I’ve always dreamed of finishing my life in a distant mission field, but the cultural mayhem in America is driving me off course. I have to refocus on positive solutions for the future, and that means focusing on the grand olde theology of the Reformation.


Strengthen what remaineth, yeah?


So I may still comment here and there depending on what is going on, but I have to try to ignore them more, pray about them, for them, but no more focusing on them. Too much heat, not much light.


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