Artwork by Alexander Sorsher

The painting I have chosen to represent and communicate the spirit of this blog is New Jerusalem, ©2008, Alexander Sorsher – used by permission. Please stop by his website and support his fine work: Alexander Sorsher’s Art Gallery

The difficulty of capturing in painting what New Jerusalem (or any biblical imagery) will look like is beyond my comprehension. I salute Mr. Sorsher for a beautiful creation, and look forward with him to seeing the real thing!

New Jerusalem

One thought on “Artwork by Alexander Sorsher

  1. Sir Justin,
    Few and evil have been the days of the years of my sojourning, and always happy to meet a knight along the way who wields the double edged blade as you (though with this sword, the beholder is the one who is really, rightly wielded, no?).
    Also, fine choice on the painting.
    Thank you,

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