Introduction to the Citizen Writer


I’m here and on Interpreting the Cosmos, which is my first blog. I’m a Christian. That’s my identity and the fountain of all my gratitude. I’m really, actually, totally forgiven of my sins.

I’m always reading broadly and thinking deeply, some of which gets born into written words. The foundation of all truth is expressed in Christian theology, which explains and gives rise to human liberty.

The Citizen of New Jerusalem is me – I belong to the new human race and I’m destined for the new earth where heaven is no longer hidden. Wanna come with?

We are made in the image of God – meaning we can cultivate our world and represent Godlikeness, or more specifically, Christlikeness, which is the calling of all human beings. This is where true wisdom begins, recognizing our identity as creatures of God, under His sovereign throne – loved by Him, accountable to Him, and dependent on Him for all things.

I study and talk about theology, theology, and more theology. Why? It’s the queen of knowledge – the highest form of knowing! So think along with me as I process the meaning of meaning.


La nouvelle Jérusalem (Tapisserie de l'Apocaly...

La nouvelle Jérusalem (Tapisserie de l’Apocalypse) / The New Jerusalem (Tapestry of the Apocalypse) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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